What Is 99 Problems?
Its a daily illustration blog following the adventures of a certain rap-superstar. You can view it on Tumblr or follow on Twitter.

How big are the prints?
8.5 x 11 inches.

Are the prints signed?
All prints come signed and numbered.

Why are there only 99 of each problem being printed?
Being a limited run makes them special – only 99 prints will ever exist in the whole world.

Can I have s specific number of 99?
No, numbers will run sequentially corresponding with your order – first come, first served.

Will you print more if they sell out?
No, not in that incarnation. Colour / character variants may be released in the future, but they will not be the same as the original set.

Why do they cost $19.99?
The prints are not so expensive as to make them unaffordable to fans., but still a notable investment.

Why are you selling in $US if you’re based in the UK?
Its an easier currency to work with globally.

How long will my order take?
We hope to dispatch the art within 10 days of the order, and then it depends on postage times to wherever you live. Please allow a minimum of 7 working days once you have recieved an alert that your order is complete.

If I order more before they are dispatched, can I get them sent together
Providing the prints haven’t already been packaged we will send additional orders together.

Can I buy an image in another context?
There are plans to maybe create additional merchandise (postcard sets, t-shirts etc) but this will not be available until all 99 Problems have been posted.