99 Problems – Movember

In support of Movember, 99 Problems are offering limited edition, moustache themed print sets for those generous enough to donate £25 ($40) to Movember.

100% of proceeds go directly to Movember. So please give generously.


How do I donate?
Visit the 99 Problems Mo Space and click “Donate To Me”

How much do I have to donate to receive a limited edition print set?
A minimum of £25 / $40 (if you wish to donate more that would be great)

When will I receive my print set?
We hope to start dispatching the sets in the middle of November

What are the prints of?
The prints are all moustache themed, and will be revealed, one day at a time on 99 Problems Tumblr

How many prints are in a set?
Each set contains 10 limited edition designs

What are the size of the prints?Standard A6 postcard size (10 x 15 cm)

How limited edition?
We are printing 99 postcard sets.

Does my donation include shipping?
Yes – it includes the cost of shipping worldwide.

Where does the money go?
All of the money goes directly to Movember. For more detailed information, please visit the official Movember website.

Who pays for printing / shipping?
We pay for all of that ourselves. Meaning 100% of your donation goes to Movember.

If the prints sell out will you print more?
Unfortunately, no. We can only afford to print / ship 99 sets.

Can I buy individual postcards?
Unfortunately no, they only come in sets – printing and dispatching individual postcards would require extensive time / expense.

Why are you doing this?
Having had the great pleasure of gaining notoriety and success with the 99 Problems project, using it to help a noble cause feels good.